Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Revanth Reddy Preparing a PPT Against KCR?

Revanth Reddy Preparing a PPT Against KCRRevanth Reddy Preparing a PPT Against KCR

Revanth Reddy: The Congress government is preparing to deliver a comprehensive presentation on the debts accumulated during the BRS government’s ten-year tenure. Since becoming Chief Minister, Revanth has meticulously evaluated the performance of various departments, with a particular focus on influential ones such as the power department, finance department overseeing the Dharani portal, and industries.

During these evaluations, it was discovered that the power department is in debt to the tune of Rs. 85 thousand crores, which was not disclosed during KCR‘s tenure. Furthermore, irregularities involving hundreds of acres were discovered in the Dharani portal within four days of its implementation, prompting an investigation into illegal land transactions. – Revanth Reddy

The Revanth government is aware of such irregularities in various departments. Following these reviews, it was decided to present a detailed report on the state’s debts and revenues during the upcoming assembly meetings using a PowerPoint presentation. During KCR’s tenure, Revanth was particularly focused on financial excess.

Revanth has directed senior officials to make necessary preparations for the PowerPoint presentation, which is scheduled to begin during the assembly meetings beginning on the 14th of this month.

Revanth and his team are well-known for accusing the previous administration, led by KCR, of corruption amounting to thousands of crores of rupees. These allegations are set to be presented and thoroughly explained during the upcoming assembly sessions.

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