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KCR-Revanth face-off in assembly: Awaited.

By Dec 8, 2023
KCR-Revanth face-off in assembly: Awaited.KCR-Revanth face-off in assembly: Awaited.

KCR-Revanth: Revanth Reddy and the Congress party did something that the BRS party did not expect when they came to power in Telangana: they overthrew the KCR government. This brings us to the much-anticipated showdown in the Telangana assembly between Revanth and KCR, with their roles reversing in this year’s election.

The assembly sessions are set to begin on December 9 for the oath-taking ceremony of the new MLAs, which KCR and Revanth should have attended. But we won’t get to see Revanth vs. KCR just yet because the BRS boss was injured in a freak accident last night when he slipped and fell in his bathroom.

KCR is currently undergoing scans at Yashoda Hospital and will be treated for his injury. He is no longer able to attend the assembly session. Given his age and the current state of affairs, he will require more time to recover. – KCR-Revanth

So, for the time being, the chance to see Revanth and KCR with their roles reversed in the assembly and a possible faceoff between the fiery duo is lost. But there is still plenty of time for this to happen, and we should see some interesting verbal exchanges between the two of them not long from now.

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