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Mahua Moitra was dismissed from the Lok Sabha

By Dec 8, 2023
Mahua Moitra was dismissed from the Lok SabhaMahua Moitra was dismissed from the Lok Sabha

Mahua Moitra: There is no end in sight for TMC MP Mahua Moitra, who is being investigated in a ‘cash-for-query’ case. The Trinamool Congress MP was expelled from the Lok Sabha on Friday after an Ethics Committee report recommending her expulsion was tabled. The committee report also called for the central government to conduct an intense, legal, institutional inquiry in a timely manner.

The report’s main points

According to the report, the TMC MP’s sharing of Lok Sabha login credentials with another person was unethical conduct and “contempt of the House.

In its report, the committee recommended severe punishment for Mahua Moitra. It also suggested that the MP be expelled from the Lok Sabha.

The committee has urged a government investigation, stating that considering the highly objectionable, unethical, heinous, and criminal behavior of Mahua Moitra, the Committee proposes an extensive, legal, institutional inquiry by the Government of India within a specified timeframe.

The committee advised the government to launch an investigation into the financial transactions between Mahua Moitra and Darshan Hiranandani, emphasizing the ‘money trail’ aspect as part of the quid pro quo.

The report calls for a Government of India investigation into the ‘money trail’ of the cash transaction between Smt Mahua Moitra and Shri Darshan Hiranandani as a component of ‘quid pro quo,’ employing legal, institutional, and time-bound procedures.

The committee also recommended the admonishment of Bahujan Samaj Party MP Kunwar Danish Ali for unruly behavior and spreading rumors.

The committee recommended that he be ‘admonished’ for twisting or molding the intent of the question posed to Moitra on November 2 by the Ethics Committee Chairperson.

The recommendation suggests that Kunwar Danish Ali, MP, and Committee on Ethics member should face admonishment for distorting the Chairperson’s questions to Smt Mahua Moitra on November 2, 2023. This action is accused of inciting public sentiment and undermining the dignity of the Chairperson and other members. Additionally, it is seen as a violation of Rule 275(2) in the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Lok Sabha.

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