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Revanth Attacks BRS & KCR

By Ratnavali May 5, 2024 #BJP #KCR #Revanth
Revanth Attacks BRS & KCRRevanth Attacks BRS & KCR

Revanth: Telangana CM Revanth Reddy is boldly standing against Ex-CM KCR and the BJP faction in Telangana, refusing to apologize for his stance. He has boldly asserted that the BRS party will lose relevance post-elections as it is likely to align with the BJP after parliamentary elections.

Revanth has accused KCR of compromising Telangana’s dignity in Delhi, purportedly to shield his daughter Kavitha from CBI and ED investigations. This uncompromising stance reflects Revanth’s determination to challenge the established political dynamics and hold leaders accountable for their actions.

I firmly believe that the era of BRS in Telangana has reached its end, declared Revanth. Every time a BRS leader visits Delhi, they seem to bow down before the BJP leaders. Instead of offering constructive advice to the current administration, ex-CM KCR is advocating for the downfall of the Congress government. My message to KCR is crystal clear: his BRS vehicle will inevitably merge with the BJP‘s lotus symbol in Delhi once the parliamentary elections conclude. This bold statement underscores Revanth’s strategic assessment of the political landscape and his uncompromising stance against perceived alliances detrimental to Telangana’s interests.

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The CM didn’t mince words when referring to KCR, labeling him as “Sannasi” and “Daddamma” for alleging that the Raithu Bandhu scheme isn’t being executed. His language towards KCR was stern, reflecting his deep-seated frustration with the former CM’s remarks. Additionally, he delivered a strong rebuke to BRS cadres, emphasizing the seriousness of the situation and urging them to stand firm in the face of such challenges. This assertive response underscores the CM’s determination to defend his administration’s actions and uphold the integrity of the government’s initiatives.

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