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HD Revanna reports the arrest as a “political conspiracy” and is taken into police custody

HD Revanna reports the arrest as a "political conspiracy"HD Revanna reports the arrest as a "political conspiracy"

HD Revanna, a JD(S) MLA from Holenarasipura, Karnataka, is charged with kidnapping and unlawfully detaining a woman who is allegedly the victim of sexual assault by his son Prajwal Revanna.

In short

  • HD Revanna was arrested in the kidnapping case, sent to SIT custody till May 8
  • He denies any involvement and dismisses it as a “political conspiracy.”
  • Accused of kidnapping woman, reportedly sexually molested by his son.

Son of former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda, HD Revanna, is the MLA for Holenarasipura, Karnataka. On Sunday, he called his detention by the Karnataka Police in connection with an alleged kidnapping case the result of a “political conspiracy.” His custody was assigned to the Special Investigation Team (SIT) until May 8.

HD Revanna is charged with abduction and unlawfully detaining a woman who has allegedly been sexually abused by his son, Prajwal Revanna.

The former minister further asserted that, according to the charge filed against him on May 2, there was no proof of his involvement in the kidnapping case.

There is no supporting documentation for the May 2 complaint. There is a vast political plot. A plot was devised to harm me, Revanna said to reporters in Bengaluru.

On Saturday, HD Revanna was taken into custody by Karnataka Police from Deve Gowda’s home.

According to a kidnapping complaint filed with the KR Nagar police against HD Revanna, the victim’s 20-year-old son alleged that HD Revanna’s associate, Sathish Babanna, took his mother away on a motorcycle on April 29. The son claimed that Babanna hinted that the MLA wanted to meet her.

The complainant reportedly informed police that Babanna had threatened him that if his mother “opened her mouth,” she and her family would be arrested.

Subsequently, the youngster discovered through friends and family that his mother was among the ladies in the set of recordings that were being shared with the public. The footage purportedly showed Prajwal raping and tying up her mother.

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The claims of sexual assault against his son Prajwal Revanna are also being looked into by the SIT. The inquiry was prompted by many explicit recordings that went viral on social media and purportedly showed Prajwal Revanna having multiple sexual relationships with women.

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