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West Bengal Governor: West Bengal police will investigate molestation allegations against Governor C V Ananda Bose

West Bengal Governor: West Bengal police will investigateWest Bengal Governor: West Bengal police will investigate

West Bengal Governor: A contractual lady employee on Thursday evening had made a police complaint at the Hare Street Police station accusing Bose of molesting her.

Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, characterized the incident as “profoundly troubling,” highlighting that the governor, who swiftly responded to the situation in Sandeshkhali, is now facing allegations of misconduct involving a female staff member at Raj Bhavan.

CM Banerjee also raised concerns about Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s silence regarding the issue.

“Why all the talk in Sandeshkhali, Mr. PM? We promptly took action when we discovered discrepancies. Yet, despite the distressing allegations from the woman, you remained silent, spending the whole night at Raj Bhavan. Why the silence?” Mamata Banerjee questioned during a second rally in Purbasthali, Purba Bardhaman district.

Bose expressed his anticipation of further allegations surfacing, yet emphasized that such challenges wouldn’t sway his resolute commitment to unveiling corruption and curbing violence in the state.

In a recorded statement released by Raj Bhavan, Bose stated, “I welcome all the baseless allegations and constant insinuations directed towards me by certain political entities. I am aware, my friends, that there may be more to come. However, let me be clear, none of these absurd theatrics will hinder my steadfast commitment to uncovering corruption and quelling violence.”

Bose derided the allegations, jesting that eventually, he might be accused of causing the Great Bengal Famine of 1943 and the ‘1946 Calcutta Killings’ as well. “That’s just the nature of the political forces at play in the state,” he remarked.

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Under Article 361 of the Indian Constitution, it’s noteworthy that no criminal proceedings can be initiated against a governor while they are in office.

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