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KCR And Jagan Seriously What Did Discuss?

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KCR And Jagan Seriously What Did Discuss?KCR And Jagan Seriously What Did Discuss?

AP Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy traveled to Hyderabad two days ago for a crucial meeting with former Telangana Chief Minister KCR. The hour-long discussion went beyond customary inquiries about their well-being, delving into pressing issues in the political landscape of both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The dialogue between Jagan and KCR reportedly touched upon significant topics that are currently shaping the political discourse in the two neighboring states.

Reports suggest that during their meeting, KCR advised Jagan to exercise caution in the allocation of MLA tickets to candidates. KCR supposedly emphasized the importance of conducting extensive surveys to assess the credibility and suitability of potential candidates before finalizing ticket allotments. This advice stemmed from KCR’s own experience in the recent Telangana elections, where his decision to field over 40 candidates with significant anti-incumbency led to a substantial setback for his party. Despite relying on his personal image to counteract the negative sentiment towards these candidates, the strategy backfired, resulting in the loss of power for his party. Therefore, KCR’s counsel to Jagan highlighted the critical need for thorough candidate assessment to avoid similar pitfalls in the political landscape of Andhra Pradesh.

According to reports, KCR spoke with Jagan about this subject and gave an example from his own experience.But even before KCR gave Jagan advice, the YCP leader had already begun modifying his MLA candidates across a number of districts, drawing inspiration from the Telangana election. He learned more during the meeting with KCR, according to reports.When KCR recommended that Jagan change his MLA candidates in light of anti-incumbency sentiments, Jagan ostensibly felt validated. It appears that he has accelerated this MLA reorganization process at KCR’s suggestion.

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