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JSP Final List: Eight Strangers Strike It Rich

JSP Final List: Eight Strangers Strike It RichJSP Final List: Eight Strangers Strike It Rich

JSP Final List: Pawan Kalyan, the leader of Janasena, has explicitly communicated to party members his desire for the party to secure victory in all 21 seats it is contesting. To fulfill this objective, Pawan has distributed tickets to individuals who recently joined Janasena and secured nominations through last-minute strategic adjustments.

Vallabhaneni Balashouri, who received the Janasena Party’s parliamentary ticket for the Machilipatnam constituency, recently joined the party after departing from the YSR Congress just a few months ago. Similarly, Arani Srinivasulu, who also left the YCP to join Janasena, swiftly secured the MLA ticket for Tirupati, leaving dedicated Janasena leader Kiran Royal puzzled.

Mandali Buddha Prasad was declared as the Janasena Party candidate for Avanigadda, merely three days after he departed from the TDP to join Janasena. Nimmaka Jayakrishna followed suit, joining Janasena on the same day as Mandali and securing the Janasena ticket for Palakonda. Both these former TDP leaders were granted tickets by Pawan Kalyan himself.

The situation in Bhimavaram is quite perplexing. Ramanjaneyulu, who was previously a TDP candidate and contested against Pawan himself in the 2019 Bhimavaram elections, recently joined JSP. Despite this, he was awarded the Bhimavaram MLA ticket by Janasena.

Konathala Ramakrishna, a former leader of the YCP, succeeded in obtaining the Janasena ticket for the Anakapalle MLA position. Panchakarla Ramesh, Janasena’s candidate for Pendurthi, stands out as a significant turncoat, having previously been associated with the TDP before switching to the YSR Congress, and ultimately finding a place in Janasena last year. -JSP Final List

Arava Sridhar, who is running as Janasena’s candidate for Railway Kodur, has affiliations with the TDP and recently made the switch to JSP.

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While political defections are commonplace in today’s political landscape, the Janasena Party has assigned approximately 35% of its tickets to turncoats. However, there is a counterargument suggesting that it may be more prudent to nominate financially capable turncoats who have a genuine chance of winning in the election, rather than fielding arbitrary candidates solely for the sake of participation, especially given the significance of this year’s election.

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