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Modi and Jagan meeting: What transpired during Modi and Jagan’s one-hour meeting?

Modi and Jagan meeting: What transpired during Modi and Jagan'sModi and Jagan meeting

Modi and Jagan meeting: Following its lackluster performance in the 2019 election, the BJP has strategically aligned with the Telugu Desam Party, revitalizing its significance in Andhra Pradesh. Vijayasai Reddy suggested that the BJP initially extended an offer to the YCP to join the NDA coalition before turning to the TDP.

During a media interaction with a Telugu channel, Vijaya Sai Reddy affirmed by nodding “yes” when queried whether he and Jagan had met with Prime Minister Modi and engaged in an hour-long discussion regarding joining the NDA alliance. -Modi and Jagan meeting

Vijayasai Reddy elucidated that their party leader, YS Jagan, firmly believed that allying with the NDA would run counter to the fundamental principles of their party. Consequently, in alignment with this conviction, they decided to abstain from joining the alliance altogether. This decision is being made even though they are engaging in several meetings and discussions with prominent leaders from the BJP. Despite these interactions, they remained resolute in their stance and ultimately chose not to become part of the NDA alliance.

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Vijayasai Reddy’s remarks suggest a strategic maneuver by the BJP, initially reaching out to the YSR Congress with the proposal of joining the NDA alliance. However, this offer didn’t materialize, leading to speculation about the BJP’s intentions. The subsequent alliance between the BJP and their former partners, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), raises questions about the BJP’s approach and motives. Reddy’s comments can be interpreted as an attempt to sow doubt within the existing TDP-led alliance, possibly aiming to weaken their cohesion. Whether Prime Minister Modi indeed engaged in discussions with Jagan for an hour regarding the NDA alliance remains uncertain, and only time will provide clarity on the actual sequence of events and the true intentions behind them.

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