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TDP-Janasena 13 MPs Tentative List: RRR, Lavu and Others

TDP-Janasena 13 MPs Tentative List: RRR, Lavu and OthersTDP-Janasena 13 MPs Tentative List: RRR, Lavu and Others

TDP-Janasena: The election fight has descended on Andhra Pradesh, with the full focus on the YCP and TDP-JSP candidate lists. Following the announcement of the YCP’s fifth list of MLA/MP candidates last night, a provisional list of 13 TDP-JSP MP candidates reported by a respected Telugu media station began to trend on social media.

According to the TDP-MP’s provisional MP candidate list, Rammohan Naidu would maintain his Srikakulam MP seat, as expected. Raghu Rama Krishna Raju, Lavu Krishna Deva Rayulu, and Vallabhaneni Balashouri are some of the more interesting names on the list. These three incumbent MPs deserted YCP and are now expected to run on the TDP-JSP alliance banner. Raghu Rama and Lavu are likely to receive TDP tickets from Narsapuram and Narasaraopeta, respectively, while Balashouri, who recently joined the JSP, may receive a Machilipathnam MP ticket. Then there is the hotly debated Vijayawada MP seat. Kesineni Nani, a TDP supporter who won twice as an MP from here, has switched to YCP and pledged to defeat the TDP in Vijayawada. TDP has moved rapidly, and Nani’s brother Kesineni Chinni is almost certain to run on a TDP ticket here. The clash of brothers will be exciting. -TDP-Janasena

TDP-Janasena 13 MPs Tentative List: RRR, Lavu and Others

TDP appears to have replaced Anakapalle MP candidate Adari Anand Kumar, who ran in 2019, with Bairi Dilip Chakravarthy. Mathukumilli Bharat from GITAM, who previously ran for the Vizag MP seat and was unsuccessful in the 2019 election, has successfully secured his candidacy for the 2024 election. Over time, he has developed as a politician and is focusing on implementing more effective election strategies for the upcoming election. The Kakinada MP ticket is expected to be given to Sana Satish Kumar, making him one of the two JanaSena MP candidates, alongside Balashouri as previously mentioned.

There is a likelihood that Gopal Yadav will secure the Eluru MP ticket, and there are indications that Angalakuthi Niharika might be considered for the Tirupati MP ticket. In Hindupur, Nandamuri Balakrishna could have BK Parthasarathi as the potential MP candidate, while Rajampet and Anantapur may see Sugavasi Balasubrahmanyam and Kalva Srinivasulu as the respective candidates.

As previously stated, this is not the finalized list of MP candidates, but it appears that many, if not all, of these names will be in the TDP’s final list, which is expected to be released this week. Chandra Babu is putting in extra effort to complete this list.

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