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PM Modi condemns the DMK and accuses it of ‘hate and division’ politics

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PM Modi condemns the DMK and accuses it of 'hate and division'PM Modi condemns the DMK and accuses it of 'hate and division'

PM Modi: According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, “Congress and DMK stand at the forefront to protect corrupt”.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi once more criticized the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), alleging that the Tamil Nadu ruling party supports individuals seeking to “halt investments in India.”

The DMK aligns itself with those seeking to halt investment in the nation. Such individuals are inflicting significant damage on Tamil Nadu through their political maneuvers. The BJP government is establishing ‘Defence Corridors’ in this Tamil Nadu region. Could the mindset of the INDI alliance ever conceive of such Defense Corridors? remarked the Prime Minister during a rally in Mettupalayam, Coimbatore.

He stated, that Congress and DMK are leading the charge to shield the corrupt.

He emphasized, “The DMK has consistently indulged in divisive politics fueled by hate, neglecting Tamil Nadu’s development. Rest assured, in our third term, the BJP-led NDA will intensify efforts to foster growth in the Nilgiris and Kongu regions. This is my solemn ‘Modi ki Guarantee’!” he said

Continuing his critique, the Prime Minister accused the Congress-DMK alliance of depriving people of scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, and other backward classes (OBC) communities of basic facilities.

“For decades, the Congress-DMK INDI alliance left millions of people from SC-ST and OBC communities longing for necessities like housing, water, and electricity, believing that not everyone could access such amenities. However, the BJP government provided PM Awas to millions, electrified every village, and distributed free rations to 80 crore needy individuals, a significant portion of whom belong to SC-ST and OBC communities,” stated Modi.

The INDI alliance lacks faith in India’s capabilities, remarked PM Modi

Modi directed criticism towards the opposition INDIA alliance, which includes the DMK, stating, “The INDI alliance lacks faith in India’s capabilities. When the massive pandemic of Corona struck the world, members of the INDI alliance claimed that India couldn’t produce a vaccine. However, we pledged to develop a Made in India vaccine. India not only successfully created the Made in India vaccine but also safeguarded the lives of millions by providing free vaccinations.”

During the rally, Modi also mentioned the election of Droupadi Murmu as India’s president in 2022, adding, “These family parties believe that, except their sons and daughters, no poor or tribal person can hold a high position. However, for the first time, the BJP elected a tribal woman as President of India, and the INDI alliance was highly opposed to this.”

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Voting for all 39 seats in Tamil Nadu will take place in a single phase on April 19th, with vote counting scheduled for June 4th.

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