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India-US partnership has reached new heights, according to the State Security Advisor

India-US partnership has reached new heights, accordingIndia-US partnership has reached new heights, according

India-US: The US National Security Advisor remarked that the partnership between India and the United States has reached unprecedented levels, particularly through collaboration in technology and various other domains.

NSA Jake Sullivan expressed during a White House press briefing that the collaboration between the United States and India, a member of BRICS, has reached unprecedented levels, spanning various sectors including technology, security, and many others.

Sullivan addressed inquiries regarding the perceived decrease in American global leadership, particularly with Iran, Egypt, UAE, and Ethiopia joining BRICS, and Saudi Arabia contemplating membership.

Sullivan remarked, When considering the US position and its connections in pivotal global regions, we are confident in our current standing.

He countered the accusation by highlighting recent developments, stating, “Consider the expansion of NATO to unprecedented levels, as well as the significant trilateral agreement forged this week among the US, Japan, and the Philippines. Furthermore, examine the enhancements in our relationships throughout the Indo-Pacific, extending beyond traditional allies to include nations such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and the entirety of ASEAN.”

The NSA further stated that next month, the president will host the president of Kenya for a significant state visit, marking a historic occasion. He emphasized that the president has previously welcomed all leaders of the Pacific Islands and Africa for summits in the United States. Additionally, he highlighted the increased investments by the United States in infrastructure, including physical, digital, and energy infrastructure, spanning across the Americas, Africa, Southeast Asia, and beyond.

Sullivan stated that the United States has conveyed its concerns to China regarding contributions to Russia’s industrial foundation.

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“We haven’t observed any indications suggesting direct military assistance to Russia, but we have conveyed our apprehensions regarding support to Russia’s defense industry. Secretary Blinken effectively addressed this issue during his recent visit to Europe,” he stated.

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