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YSRCP Manifesto: The Plate Doesn’t Offer Much

YSRCP Manifesto: The Plate Doesn't Offer MuchYSRCP Manifesto

YSRCP Manifesto: Today, the YSR Congress Party unveiled its election manifesto, with CM Jagan briefing the media and addressing the AP public on his party’s plans for the upcoming polls. Despite Jagan speaking for nearly two hours about the manifesto, it primarily focused on enhancing existing Navaratnalu schemes rather than introducing new initiatives.

The cornerstone of the Navartnalu+ manifesto announcement includes increasing pensions from the current Rs 3,000 to Rs 3,500, albeit not right after assuming power. The initial increment of Rs 250 will occur in January 2028, followed by another Rs 250 raise in January 2029. Contrasting this with one of Chandrababu’s “super six” promises, the TDP+ alliance pledges a pension of Rs 4,000 immediately upon taking office. This places TDP+ at a distinct advantage. -YSRCP Manifesto

If elected, the Amma Vodi benefit will see an increase from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 17,000. While this represents a modest increase in payout, notably, Jagan has not announced any expansion of the scheme to cover more than one child per family. In contrast, Chandrababu promises to extend Amma Vodi to all children within a household. This is a significant offering, as a family with four children could receive up to Rs. 60,000 per year through this program.

TDP+ alliance vs YSRCP

In addition to the direct comparisons, Chandrababu has delivered a significant blow with the promise of free RTC travel for women, a pledge not made by Jagan. This could sway women voters in favor of TDP. Furthermore, Naidu has pledged three free gas cylinders annually to eligible households and has also proposed a monthly grant of Rs. 1500 for women aged 15-59 under the Aadabidda Nidhi scheme.

Once again, Jagan reaffirms his commitment to the three Capitals proposal, while the TDP+ alliance pledges to develop Amaravati as the capital of Andhra Pradesh.

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When it comes to public engagement, Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT), and the expansive scope of welfare initiatives, TDP+’s super six surpasses Jagan’s promises in every aspect. However, Jagan is banking on the credibility he has established over the past five years to carry him to victory. Conversely, Naidu asserts that he will boost state revenue through investments and subsequently redistribute the funds to the public. Which approach will prevail in the end? We’ll find out on June 4th.

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