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Chandrababu First Signature on This!

Chandrababu First Signature on This!Chandrababu First Signature on This!

Chandrababu Naidu, who is convinced that he will return to power by beating the YSRCP, announced that the first signature would be on the Mega DSC. He claimed that the DSC examination would be held within 60 days after the formation of the new government. He reassured me that all open positions would be filled. Naidu stated that his government has already filled 1.5 lakh teacher positions and that the same will happen again.

Naidu spoke before a sizable audience in Kuppam, Chittoor, directing criticism towards Jagan. He pointed out that Jagan had previously committed to unveiling the Job calendar annually on January 1st and pledged to organize the DSC exam. However, upon assuming office, Jagan allegedly embezzled substantial sums and only offered youth positions such as volunteers, fishery, butchery, and market jobs, plunging their lives into despair.

Calling on the state’s youth and populace, Naidu requested that Jagan be sent home. About investments and job creation, he stated that whereas Jagan failed to secure any investments for the state, his previous government did secure 16 lakh crores in funding. Amar Raja, claimed, the jockey industries have left the state. Chandrababu continued by making grave accusations regarding Jagan’s corruption and a number of his acts that undermined the advancement and development of the state.

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Chandrababu alleged that the Jagan administration was involved in the sale of Group 1 positions and favoring specific candidates for RDO and DSP posts. He urged the youth to petition the Election Commission to delay the DSC exam until after the elections, citing the government’s hurried approach to conducting it. Chandrababu pledged to revive the prospects of the youth once the next government, supported by Janasena and the BJP, is formed. His visit to his hometown of Kuppam received a tremendous reception.

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