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Deepfake Audio Tape To Defame Bhuvaneswari

Deepfake Audio Tape To Defame BhuvaneswariDeepfake Audio Tape To Defame Bhuvaneswari

Deepfake: Nara Bhuvaneswari, the wife of Chandrababu Naidu, avoided politics her entire life. However, following the assembly session, Chandrababu sobbed in front of the media due to several YCP MLAs’ derogatory remarks against her, drawing her into a scandalous defamation drama in the AP assembly.

However, the unreasonable defamation of Bhuvaneswari has not yet stopped. A new social media bombardment campaign against Bhuvaneswari has begun, with a bogus audio tape claiming to be Bhuvaneswari’s verbal confrontation being distributed on social media. -Deepfake

This clipping has been widely shared on social media by the main anti-TDP group, to portray the senior stateswoman negatively. The ugliest casteist slurs are used in this video, which is being circulated in the name of Bhuvaneswari. The contents of the clipping are intended to portray TDP in a negative light from the perspective of the SC/ST/BC populations.

Telugu Desam quickly shot down this propaganda, claiming that it is the result of Deep Fake technology. This Deep Fake technology was previously used to make modified images of heroines, and it is now being used to conduct a smear campaign against Bhuvaneswari, who has a respectable status in society. The Telugu Desam ecosystem, as well as a small group of tech specialists, have condemned this Deep Fake propaganda against a respectable person with a clean social image.

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Exchanging political challenges and statements is one thing; bringing in politicians’ spouses and family members is the lowest of lows and must be condemned by all parties. Such behaviors will have an impact not just on the political balance, but also on society. It is necessary to draw a line right away.

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