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Why hasn’t Lionel Messi scored in the MLS as Cristiano Ronaldo has in Saudi Arabia?

By Aug 10, 2023
Why hasn't Lionel Messi scored in the MLS as Cristiano Ronaldo has in Saudi Arabia?Why hasn't Lionel Messi scored in the MLS as Cristiano Ronaldo has in Saudi Arabia?

Before the Portuguese player begins his first full season with the team, an assessment of his experience at Al Nassr based on the abilities that shaped him.

The Portuguese captain is no longer the expert goal scorer or free-kick specialist he once was.

“The MLS is inferior to the Saudi league.” Cristiano Ronaldo wanted the word out even before his enduring adversary Lionel Messi kicked the ball while wearing an Inter Miami jersey. All the players are now coming here because I made it possible for the Saudi league to exist. A growing number of elite athletes will visit Saudi Arabia in a year. The Saudi league will surpass both the Dutch and Turkish leagues in a year.

At the conclusion, another declaration was made. The window for a European return is closed. A hundred percent. However, that was where the issues had started to show up. returning to Manchester United. At 36. Was there still enough gas in the tank to compete in four events? Was there enough speed to handle a young English Premier League team? Can he locate the openings and launch the darting runs that previously shattered elite European defenses? Could he properly dip those free throws? Could he exert the same amount of pressure as his manager desired?

The Saudi Pro League season in 2023–2024 is cut to the first day. The uncertainties still loom over the club captain as he prepares to begin his first full year at Al Nassr. The former player for Sporting, United, Real Madrid, and Juventus arrived in the Middle East amid great hype and high hopes. A top-of-the-table finish for Al Nassr or a maniacal goal-scoring rate from their new skipper have not materialized in reality, which is very different. Was this a case of first-season syndrome or is the Ronaldo magic fading? An in-depth examination of the iconic qualities of the Portuguese and how they have benefited him, whether in Saudi Arabia or more recently.

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