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First Republican to go on Democrat Baldwin for Senate in 2024 will be a college student from India.

By Aug 10, 2023
First Republican to go on Democrat Baldwin for Senate in 2024First Republican to go on Democrat Baldwin for Senate in 2024

Rejani Raveendran stated that her campaign will be centered on border security, combating illegal drugs like fentanyl, halting illegal immigration, and promoting “medical freedom,” which may imply that she is against vaccine requirements.

Rejani Raveendran, a college student from India who is 40 years old, has formally declared her candidacy for the Wisconsin state Senate, making her the first Republican to take on Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin.

On Tuesday, Raveendran, the chair of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point College Republicans, formally announced her bid to unseat Baldwin, 61, in Portage County.

With just over a year until the primary, Raveendran’s announcement made him Wisconsin’s first Republican Senate contender, according to The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“I’ve had a lot of encounters with officials, lobbyists, and politicians. Numerous them spent 20, 30, and 40 years there. She stated on Tuesday during the announcement of her campaign, “We elect them, send them, and they become so comfortable in DC and forget all about us, why we (have) put them there.

In fact, Raveendran’s unlikely entry would give the race a fresh look.

Before lately, the mother of three was not active in politics. According to her, she joined the Stevens Point College Republicans this year and only after visiting Washington, D.C. earlier this summer did she decide to run for Senate. She intends to earn her bachelor’s in political science next year.

She stated, “I see what’s going on in our country,” during an interview she gave to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel last week, mentioning her recent trip to Washington.

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