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Vizag Fire Incident: Another Nani Arrested, Not YouTuber Nani

By Nov 27, 2023
Vizag Fire Incident Another Nani Arrested, Not YouTuber NaniVizag Fire Incident Another Nani Arrested, Not YouTuber Nani

Vizag Fire Incident: The fire disaster that occurred in the fishing harbor is among the horrifying events that have shocked Vizag City recently. Over thirty fishing vessels were destroyed when a large fire spread over Visakhapatnam’s jetty on the evening of November 19. In this instance, the word ‘Nani’ was heard clearly, and the cops detained well-known YouTuber ‘Local Boi Nani’. Now for the twist.

Police have determined that the event was caused by Vasupalli Nani (23) and his uncle Allipilli Satyam, who were drinking aboard a boat. Nani inadvertently tossed a cigarette butt onto the nylon fishing net of a nearby boat, sparking the fire. Despite the danger, the pair left and went home to sleep, only for Nani to later recognize his involvement in the occurrence. Police have stated that the incident was not caused by YouTuber ‘Local Boi Nani,’ but by another Nani, who has been detained. – Vizag Fire Incident

Following an extensive investigation, police accused Nani under IPC Sections 437, 428, and 285, reclassifying the case from accidental fire to criminal negligence. Surveillance film showed Nani departing the jetty, and a witness confirmed the distinctive horn sound of his scooter on the night of the event. Approximately 30 fishing boats were entirely destroyed, while another 18 were partially damaged, resulting in nearly 20 crore in property loss.

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