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Rythu Bandhu Halt: A Significant Setback for BRS!

By Nov 28, 2023
Rythu Bandhu Halt A Significant Setback for BRS!Rythu Bandhu Halt A Significant Setback for BRS!

Rythu Bandhu: Just a few days before important elections, the ruling BRS party in Telangana has suffered a serious defeat. The highly acclaimed Rythu Bandhu scheme has been instructed by the Central Election Commission to hold off on receiving funding until after the elections. There are just two days left until the election, and the state administration has been informed of these fresh orders, which has severely hampered the ruling party’s preparations.

A few weeks ago, the Congress party expressed concerns with the Central Election Commission over the release of Rythu Bandhu funding. The commission found no problems after investigating the plan, which had been running for quite some time. However, with elections due on the 30th, the state administration has been required to release the monies under this program by the evening of the 28th of this month.

For this release, which was scheduled for this Tuesday, the 28th of this month, the BRS administration had made considerable preparations. But now the circumstance has reignited a political debate. The governing party leaders’ campaigning during election meetings has been the subject of a complaint from the opposition Congress to the Central Election Commission. The Central Election Commission has thus placed a delay on the distribution of these monies, meaning that they can be distributed following the elections.

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