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The Supreme Court approved Chandrababu’s political activities.

By Nov 29, 2023
The Supreme Court approved Chandrababu's political activities.The Supreme Court approved Chandrababu's political activities.

Supreme Court: The Andhra Pradesh Crime Investigation Department (AP CID) filed a plea to withdraw the bail granted to Telugu Desam Party (TDP) president Chandrababu in the skill development case. The Supreme Court heard this motion today, which is a crucial hearing.

Chandrababu has received a notice from the SC asking him to respond by December 8. It has been recommended that Chandrababu hold off on revealing the specifics of the case until more research is completed. But the Supreme Court made it clear that he is free to participate in political events and rallies.

The AP CID challenges the ruling, claiming that in the skill development case, the CID did not provide sufficient evidence to connect him to corruption, nor did it divert funds to accounts associated with the Technology-enabled Development Programme (TEDP).

On the twentieth of the same month, the AP High Court approved the general bail. The AP CID filed a plea in the SC asking for the general bail to be revoked. The AP High Court said that the CID had not shown any evidence connecting Chandrababu to corruption in the skill development case or the transfer of cash to TEDP (Technology-enabled Development Programme) accounts, which was why it granted him complete bail. On November 21, the AP CID filed a petition in the Supreme Court contesting this ruling.

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