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Vizag Harbour: YouTuber Arrested in Vizag Harbour Fire Incident!

By Nov 21, 2023
Vizag Harbour: YouTuber Arrested in Vizag Harbour Fire Incident!Vizag Harbour: YouTuber Arrested in Vizag Harbour Fire Incident!

Vizag Harbour: A boat caught fire, resulting in the reduction of nearly 25-30 fishing boats parked in the well-known Visakhapatnam Fishing Harbour to ashes. It was a tragic incident. Some of these boats burst high, causing property damage worth ₹15–20 crores, though no fatalities were reported. The majority of these boats are mechanized and equipped with fuel and LPG tanks. But now for the twist.

Reportedly, popular YouTuber Nani, who hosts the channel “Local Boi Nani,” and his pals partied on a boat, according to reports that have been broadcast on popular news channels in Andhra Pradesh. There is a story that during the party, after everyone was drunk, there was a fight that broke out and some people set fire to the boat. – Vizag Harbour

The YouTuber and his group of friends are reportedly fleeing the scene, according to earlier news reports, and the police have not yet made an arrest. But by the afternoon, the Vizag task force police had the YouTuber under custody.

It is being reported that “Local Boi Nani,” who owns two fishing boats, allegedly took money from a man named Balaji after selling one of his boats to him. But last night, after the YouTuber didn’t deliver the boat as promised, Balaji demanded that he return the money. This erupted into a heated argument that resulted in the boats being set on fire.

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