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Urvashi Rautela Was Trolled (And How) After Claiming Rs One Crore For A Minute-Long Gig

By Aug 30, 2023
Urvashi Rautela Was Trolled (And How) After Claiming Rs One Crore For A Minute-Long GigUrvashi Rautela Was Trolled (And How) After Claiming Rs One Crore For A Minute-Long Gig

A video of Urvashi Rautela answering a reporter’s question about being Bollywood’s highest-paid actress has gone viral

Urvashi Rautela is no stranger to the negative aspects of social media. For her words and social media posts, the actress has frequently been exposed to harsh harassment. Another video showing Urvashi Rautela has gone viral on the Internet, making her the target of several jokes and harsh comments. It all started when a reporter queried Urvashi Rautela about being the highest-paid actress in the country, costing one crore per minute.

“One minute, one crore rupees you are charging, what do you have to say?” the reporter says. Urvashi Rautela appears to support the report’s assertion by saying, “It’s a good thing; I think every self-made actor/actress jo hai, unko hai ki woh yeh din dekhe [I think every self-made actor/actress aspires to see such a day].”

Several viewers mocked the actress for her exaggerated statements in response to the video that the portal released. “Wait, who is paying her?” a fan questioned. Most importantly, who is spying on her? Another person chimed in, “Deepika, Alia left the chat.” “Isliye ab isko koi movie me ni leta…” Can’t afford her,” a different person added with many laughing emojis.

Urvashi Rautela received mockery at the Cannes Film Festival last year after saying in an interview that Hollywood icon Leonardo DiCaprio had congratulated her. “I was crying with happiness because I was so moved. Meanwhile, I was blushing as well. He also thought highly of me as a superb actress.

Was that actually what happened last night? Was I having a dream about the wonderful moment? That’s my memory of meeting him… I believe it simply shows how even the younger actors want to be out there and inspires young performers to keep going.”I was freaking out and speechless after receiving compliments from Leonardo DiCaprio,” she explained.

However, once again, the internet did not believe Urvashi Rautela’s story. Needless to say, there was a meme frenzy that ensued. “I like Urvashi Rautela because she doesn’t mind lying. “She must be lying,” one admirer said in response to the actress’ statement.

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