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TS News: All these BJP and Congress candidates are from BRS

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TS News: All these BJP and Congress candidates are from BRSTS News: All these BJP and Congress candidates are from BRS

TS News: Four months following the Congress party’s victory in the assembly elections, the people of Telangana are gearing up for another round of voting as the Telangana Lok Sabha polls are scheduled for May 13th. Despite their defeat in the assembly elections, BRS is committed to giving their all in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

In four specific parliamentary constituencies in Telangana, it’s noteworthy that all 12 candidates from the three main parties – Congress, BRS, and BJP – have connections to BRS.

In the Warangal MP constituency, both Congress candidate Kadiyam Kavya and BJP candidate Aruri Ramesh were associated with BRS just a couple of months ago. Now, these two former BRS members are challenging BRS’s current candidate, Marepalli Sudhir.

In the Malkajgiri constituency, both Congress candidate Patnam Suneetha Mahender Reddy and BJP candidate Eatala Rajender have deep ties with BRS and have been associated with the party for quite some time. Now, they are competing against BRS’s current candidate, Ragidi Lakshma Reddy.

In Chevella, Congress has put forward Ranjith Reddy, while BJP has announced Konda Vishweshwar Reddy as their respective candidate. Vishweshwar Reddy parted ways with BRS a few years ago, whereas Ranjith Reddy only left the party just a month ago. -TS News

In Medak, both Congress’s Neelam Madhu and BJP’s Raghunandan Rao started their political careers with BRS. Now, they are challenging the current BRS candidate, Venkat Rami Reddy.

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Ironically, all 12 of these candidates have ties to BRS, whether past or present. It’s quite unusual to observe every prominent candidate in the election originating from a single party.

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