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Jammu and Kashmir Assembly Elections Will Happen Soon, Says PM Modi

Jammu and Kashmir Assembly Elections Will Happen Soon, SaysJammu and Kashmir Assembly Elections Will Happen Soon, Says

Jammu and Kashmir: On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterated his belief that Assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir are on the horizon, expressing confidence that the people of the Union Territory will soon have the opportunity to voice their concerns to elected representatives.

PM Modi also suggested that the development initiatives pursued by the BJP-led Central government in the former state are merely a glimpse of what’s to come, indicating the imminent emergence of a remarkable new Jammu and Kashmir.

The time is rapidly approaching for Jammu and Kashmir to hold assembly elections and regain its statehood. You will again raise your issues with your legislators and ministers, the prime minister told an election rally in Srinagar while campaigning for Union minister Jitendra Singh, the BJP contender from Udhampur for the next Lok Sabha elections.

All the issues of every section of society in Jammu and Kashmir will be resolved,” the prime minister emphasized. He shared his idea of drawing a vivid picture of the future of Jammu and Kashmir.

You may perceive this as significant progress, having witnessed challenging times. Witnessing development satisfies you. However, Modi’s perspective is broader. He holds a grand vision for the future. Everything accomplished thus far is merely a preview,” stated the Prime Minister.

He further mentioned that the ongoing projects for road and tunnel construction will be swiftly finalized.

Businesses and factories, both domestic and international, will be drawn to Jammu and Kashmir. New railway, tunnel, and road ventures are in the pipeline. There’s also a surge in tourist arrivals to Jammu and Kashmir, reaching record levels, the Prime Minister elaborated.

PM Modi also stressed the need for Jammu and Kashmir to evolve into a hub for start-ups, underscoring that this transformation will significantly alter the fate of the region.

Generations have harbored this dream, and I assure you that your dream is my commitment. Every endeavor to realize your aspirations is dedicated to you. These initiatives will bear the imprint of India and profoundly impact the destiny of Jammu and Kashmir,” Modi affirmed. He further pledged that his government will tirelessly work towards achieving the vision of “Viksit Bharat 2047.”

This is Modi’s assurance. Over the past decade, we’ve vigorously tackled terrorism and corruption in the area. In the upcoming five years, we aim to propel this region to unprecedented levels of growth and advancement,” the Prime Minister remarked. He highlighted that Jammu and Kashmir has undergone a complete transformation in the last decade.

The state of roads, electricity, water, and infrastructure has undergone significant improvement. However, the most remarkable change lies in the shift of sentiment in Jammu and Kashmir. People have transitioned from disillusionment to optimism, observed PM Modi.

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The Prime Minister also mentioned that he had come to offer his respects at Vaishno Devi and to connect with the people of the region. “Those who reside under the blessings of Mata are deeply cherished by me,” he emphasized.

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