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Telangana Elections: Another Survey Says BRS Will Win

By Nov 23, 2023
Telangana Elections: Another Survey Says BRS Will WinTelangana Elections: Another Survey Says BRS Will Win

Telangana Elections: As per the results of a recent survey carried out in Telangana by Newstap, the governing Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) is expected to secure a hat-trick of seats, with a predicted count of 65-76. Anti-incumbency feelings, however, pose a threat to the party, especially among young people, students, and others who were left out of prior programs. The BRS is predicted to win more than 70 seats and form the government in spite of this, indicating its continuous dominance in the state.

The Congress, despite making progress in terms of vote share and seats, falls short of the key number. The study demonstrates widespread misunderstanding about congressional leadership, heightening concerns about potential instability in a Congress-led administration. The idea that their flagship ‘6-Guarantees’ plans are similar to current BRS schemes creates a concern, and the party’s track record, along with political uncertainty in Karnataka, dampens support even more.

Telangana Elections: Another Survey Says BRS Will Win

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), once a powerful challenger, has fallen in the polls and may now lag the AIMIM. Despite gains in certain areas, internal developments like as defections and leadership changes have generated concern. The BJP, on the other hand, has dramatically improved its vote share, putting it neck and neck with the BRS in several areas, with the INC lagging in third place.

The poll also provides information on other participants, including the BSP, CPI, and AIMIM. The Congress might defeat the AIMIM in Nampally, despite the party’s historical strength in some constituencies. The nomination of former IPS officer RS Praveen Kumar has drawn more attention to the BSP, which has about 1% of the vote bank. Lastly, the CPI has an edge in the Kothagudem district because of Congress’s assistance. A dimension of unpredictability is added to the political scene by the survey’s identification of close contests in a number of constituencies that might go either way. Finally, the study predicts that the BRS will probably win a third straight term in Telangana.

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