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TDP-JSP-BJP Meeting: Just How bad! Modi Disregards Polavaram & Amaravati

TDP-JSP-BJP Meeting: Just How bad! Modi Disregards Polavaram & AmaravatiTDP-JSP-BJP Meeting: Just How bad! Modi Disregards Polavaram & Amaravati

TDP-JSP-BJP Meeting: Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the people of Andhra Pradesh to turn on the torch lights on their cell phones and show support for the NDA government in defending democracy and advancing development by casting their votes for the BJP in the state’s general elections and the TDP-JSP-BJP coalition.

The people in the Palnadu district who attended the conference close to Chilakaluripeta soon took effective action.

Modi did not mention Amaravati or Polavaram once in his speech, even though he was speaking at the gathering as part of the TDP-JSP-BJP alliance’s power play.

For more than three years, the farmers in the Amaravati capital region have been holding protests, calling for Amaravati to be the only location for Andhra Pradesh’s capital.

Modi also made no mention of the multipurpose Polavaram project, which has been on hold for a few years despite the belief among the population in Andhra Pradesh that it is the state’s lifeline.

The Andhra Pradesh Split Act, of 2014 mentions the completion of the Polavaram project and the construction of a new capital, yet even ten years after the split, both issues remain unfulfilled.

Unexpectedly, Modi asked for public support for the NDA government at the Center rather than offering any promises on the aforementioned two topics.

He emphasized enumerating the welfare and development initiatives implemented by the BJP-led NDA government at the national level. He enumerated numerous programs and asserted that the initiatives contributed to the country’s progress.   –TDP-JSP-BJP Meeting

Additionally, he claimed that the NDA administration will hold more than 400 seats in Parliament by June 4, the day the results of the general and assemblies’ elections would be announced. “Ab ki baar—chaar sou paar,” he said.

TDP-JSP-BJP alliance

He stated that the AP population appears to have made two decisions: vote the NDA back to power at the Centre for the third time and use their voting rights in support of the TDP-JSP-BJP coalition in the state.

Modi suggested that Andhra Pradesh will prosper and grow if it collaborates with the Center.

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