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AP Politics: At Last, Pawan Kalyan Reveals His Seat

AP Politics: At Last, Pawan Kalyan Reveals His SeatAP Politics: At Last, Pawan Kalyan Reveals His Seat

AP Politics: Pawan Kalyan, the leader of Janasena, has been strategically maintaining suspense regarding the constituency he will contest in the upcoming election. However, today in a meeting with Janasena leaders, he finally put an end to the anticipation.

In a speech to Janasena cadres today, Pawan Kalyan officially announced his candidacy for the upcoming elections, confirming that he will be contesting from the Pithapuram constituency.

“In the meeting, Pawan Kalyan declared, ‘Janasena and I will be contesting from the Pithapuram constituency,’ eliciting enthusiastic cheers and applause from JSP cadres.”   – AP Politics

Just a few days ago, Bhimavaram’s former MLA Ramanjaneyulu, who recently joined Janasena, claimed that Pawan Kalyan would contest from Bhimavaram again. Pawan himself hinted at his desire to defeat Grandhi Srinivas in that constituency. However, unexpectedly today, Pawan confirmed his candidacy from Pithapuram.

In the 2019 election, YCP’s Pendem Dorababu secured 83,000 votes and emerged victorious in this constituency. However, it’s noteworthy that the Telugu Desam and JSP candidates together received 96,000 votes in Pithapuram. If the transfer of votes is efficient and without loss, this could present a promising opportunity for Pawan Kalyan to secure the seat.

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Significantly, the YCP has named Vanga Geetha as their candidate for this constituency. Therefore, it can be said that Pawan Kalyan will be directly contesting against Vanga Geetha in Pithapuram.

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