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Republicans’ plan to impeach Biden hits a snag.

Republicans' plan to impeach Biden hits a snag.Republicans' plan to impeach Biden hits a snag.

Republicans’: House Republicans plan to formally begin their investigation into President Joe Biden’s impeachment this week.

Republicans’ strategy appears to have reached a dead end just days before they are about to begin their formal investigation into Joe Biden’s impeachment. According to a recent study, they should proceed with caution. A Morning Consult poll indicates that 44% of voters support the impeachment process while 40% are opposed. This is a relatively narrow margin of support.

But since September, there has been a discernible change, particularly among independents and some Republican voters, with opposition among independents rising from 36% to 43%, which represents a significant setback for Republicans.

“There is insufficient evidence to remove Joe Biden from office.”

There is an open admission by some House Republicans that there is insufficient evidence to remove Joe Biden from office.

Dusty Johnson, the Republican chair of the South Dakota Main Street Caucus, stated on Monday that “there is no evidence to impeach.” Johnson clarified, however, that this week’s vote was not about the party’s intention to impeach the president.

58% of those in favor of the investigation think Biden has done crimes that could lead to his impeachment.

Republicans should take solace in the fact that 58% of those who support the investigation think Biden has done acts that warrant his impeachment. But, a separate vote is needed to impeach someone. A resolution defining the impeachment investigation is anticipated to be passed by House Speaker Mike Johnson, despite disagreements regarding its legal import.

Although direct evidence against Biden has not yet surfaced, Johnson claimed in an opinion piece published in USA Today that the inquiry would allow top committees to look into the allegations of Biden’s involvement in his family’s influence-peddling schemes.

A different survey, cited by White House spokesman Ian Sams, indicates that a sizable majority of voters in important districts think House Republicans are concentrating on the wrong problems.

The 18 Republican lawmakers from districts that Biden won in 2020 hold the crucial votes. Their choices could have a big impact on the House majority in the upcoming year. One of these lawmakers, Representative Don Bacon of Nebraska, plans to vote in favor of the investigation despite his doubts about Biden’s high crimes or misdemeanors.

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