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Botsa: Nothing In YCP Is Permanent

Botsa: Nothing In YCP Is PermanentBotsa: Nothing In YCP Is Permanent

Botsa: The YSRCP went into election mode yesterday, changing in-charges in 11 constituencies. Three cabinet ministers were relocated and assigned to new constituencies by the hierarchy. Alla Ramakrishna Reddy also left the party, and Gajuwaka MLA Tippala Nagi Reddy turned off his phone after his son Devan Reddy left the YCP yesterday. These numerous changes three months before the election have prompted speculation that the YCP is already panicking about the polls.

In response to this development, YSRCP veteran leader Botsa Satyanarayana issued a troubling and attention-grabbing statement. Nothing is permanent in YCP, he claims.

Jagan will allocate the MLA tickets based on the reports, and he has the ground-level surveys on his table. In the next three months, the party and its local leadership will undergo additional changes, so all of us need to be ready for them. In YCP, nothing is set in stone. There will be innate adjustments made to the election preparations. Botsa stated in a media interview.

Given that Jagan is probably going to refuse the tickets to fifty incumbent MLAs, this strict relocation will result in YCP fielding an entirely new lineup in 2024. This entire endeavor is an attempt to combat anti-incumbency. However, it is important to remember that the party as a whole, not just the MLA candidates, will be the source of anti-incumbency sentiment. None of these reforms will be successful if the electorate believes the party should dissolve and a new administration should be established. It’s just a simple fact.

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