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YSRCP Achieves a Complete Victory in Times Now – ETG Survey!

By Dec 14, 2023
YSRCP Achieves a Complete Victory in Times Now – ETG Survey!YSRCP Achieves a Complete Victory in Times Now – ETG Survey!

YSRCP: All eyes are now on Andhra Pradesh following the conclusion of the Telangana Assembly elections and the formation of a new government led by Revanth Reddy. A few months from now, the AP Assembly elections will take place in tandem with the Lok Sabha polls. A pre-poll survey for AP has been developed by ETG Research and Times Now.

If the elections were held right now, the poll predicts a landslide victory for the ruling YSRCP. Out of the 25 seats available, it was predicted that YCP would win 24 to 25 of them. According to it, the opposition TDP might win 0–1 seats. Remarkably, the voting share in the survey is a little complicated.

The poll predicts that TDP will have a 37 percent vote share and that YSRCP will have a 50% vote share. It added that the NDA (BJP) would receive about 1% of the vote, while the Janasena would receive 10%. The survey estimated that the YSRCP would win 24 to 25 seats based on these. On the other hand, the alliance between TDP and Janasena is already known. Thus, if the two-run jointly, their combined vote share will be roughly 47%, and if the BJP runs with them, it will be roughly 48%.

YSRCP Achieves a Complete Victory

It should be noted that Janasena and the BJP ran together in Telangana, and Janasena is a member of the NDA. Pawan is confident that the BJP will join them and has openly stated so.

This means that there will be only a 2% difference between the YSRCP (if it contests alone) and the TDP-Janasena-BJP coalition. Given that the election is still a few months away, a slight shift on either side could have a significant impact on the outcome. Overall, the Times Now – ETG poll provides a clear mandate for the YSRCP. This gives them a reason to rejoice. On the other hand, the opposition TDP must devise a foolproof polling system.

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