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Republic Day 2024: PM Modi won’t unfurl the national flag;

Republic Day 2024: PM Modi won't unfurl the national flag;Republic Day 2024:

Republic Day 2024: India will celebrate its 75th Republic Day on January 26, 2024. Many people in the nation are still perplexed as to who will raise the flag on this important day each year. To be clear, on Republic Day 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not raise the flag of the country. President Droupadi Murmu will be in charge. This is the explanation. The prime minister hoists the national flag at Red Fort on Independence Day. On the other hand, Republic Day begins with the President of India raising the flag at Kartavya Path, which was once known as Rajpath and Kingsway.

The prime minister hoists the flag at Red Fort on Independence Day from the base of the pole. It represents India’s liberation from colonial rule. The founding of an independent nation occurs on this day. Republic Day, on the other hand, entails the President raising the flag, which is already at its highest point and has flowers attached to it. With this act, India celebrates its established freedom and the adoption of its Constitution, having previously achieved independence.

There is also a difference in the locations and what happens next. After the prime minister hoists the flag at Red Fort, there is a national address. On the other hand, a large parade is announced by the president’s unveiling at Kartavya Path on Republic Day.

The “first” Independence Day of India

To honor India’s freedom soldiers, the Indian National Congress began celebrating January 26 as India’s Independence Day in 1930. When India was formally granted independence in 1947, August 15 was designated as the new Independence Day.

1950 was designated as the formal adoption date of the Indian Constitution in remembrance of the 1930 demand for “Purna Swaraj,” or total independence. On January 26, 1950, India attained official republic status. This day has been observed annually as Republic Day ever since.

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