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Will the CM son act as the in-charge CM?

Will the CM son act as the in-charge CM?Will the CM son act as the in-charge CM?

CM: Following reports that Udayanidhi Stalin might be appointed Deputy Chief Minister, a new one is circulating in Tamil Nadu’s political circles. According to reports, Udayanidhi would take over as Chief Minister-in-Charge. Though the DMK has not officially confirmed it, there is a lot of conjecture about when action would be made to make it a reality.

Earlier speculations said that Udayanidhi will be appointed chairman of the DMK youth wing, as well as receiving a party ticket and a government position. As a result, Udayanidhi now enjoys all of the slots. There had been speculation that he might be appointed Deputy Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for some time, but Chief Minister MK Stalin and Udayanidhi had both denied the rumors. There is widespread speculation that Udayanidhi’s status will be increased prior to Stalin’s international travel or the Lok Sabha elections.

Stalin, on the other hand, dismissed the rumors, claiming that the opposition groups that had previously fueled speculation about his health were now participating in Udayanidhi’s political advancement as well. Meanwhile, there is an argument that there is no need of an in-charge CM as all information is available in one’s palm, thanks to the technology increasing in leaps and bounds. Others argue that Stalin is gradually positioning Udayanidhi as his political heir by raising the issue in political circles as well as the general public.

It remains to be seen how the DMK chief will respond to these rumours.

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