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Pawan: I Have Friends There, So I Can’t Criticize BRS & Congress

By Nov 24, 2023
Pawan: I Have Friends There, So I Can't Criticize BRS & CongressPawan: I Have Friends There, So I Can't Criticize BRS & Congress

Pawan: Chief of the Jana Sena Party Pawan Kalyan made some shocking remarks while campaigning for office in the Khammam district in Kothagudem.

He said that since he had friends in both the Congress and the ruling BRS, he would not criticize any party. He remarked that although some individuals have asked me to draw attention to the BRS and Congress’s flaws, I am unable to do so.

He quickly attempted to justify himself, claiming that friendship and politics are two entirely different things and that he was not intending to disparage any party because he had not visited any other districts in the state and was thus unaware of the actual situation there.

Pawan’s recent statement came as a surprise to many, considering that just the day before, he had emphasized his fight against widespread corruption in irrigation projects and other costly schemes, indirectly suggesting corruption under the BRS administration.

He did, however, assert that politics in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh were the same. He regretted that the mistakes made by the past leaders were being repeated.

He mentioned having friendships with KTR (BRS) and Revanth Reddy (Congress). Pawan, whose party is collaboratively contesting in eight constituencies with the BJP in Telangana, actively engaged in campaigning for the second consecutive day.

The head of the Jana Sena, however, drew attention to the fact that the BRS was ignoring other parts of the state in favor of Hyderabad and its environs. In Greater Hyderabad, the cost of real estate is rising, but what about elsewhere Many hopefuls are being let down by the paper leak occurrences, he noted.

He stated that he anticipated Telangana to have a double-engine administration (BJP dominating both at the state and federal levels) since this would hasten the state’s growth.

All government programs should be implemented for tenant farmers and they should also be treated with respect, he proposed.

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