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Political Donations: Janasena Last, YCP First

By Nov 24, 2023
Political Donations: Janasena Last, YCP FirstPolitical Donations: Janasena Last, YCP First

Political Donations: In the domain of political contributions in Andhra Pradesh, the YSRCP takes the lead with the highest revenue. As the ruling party, they gathered a total of Rs. 68 crores in donations. In stark contrast, the main opposition party, TDP, secured second place with a significantly lower amount, receiving only Rs. 11.92 crores. Notably, the Janasena party found itself at the bottom of the donation list.

The Central Election Commission recently disclosed financial details, indicating that all YSRCP donations in the 2022-23 fiscal year are classified as undisclosed funds. Despite the opacity regarding donors and amounts, electoral bond regulations protect these contributions from scrutiny. Notably, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Congress Party also recorded significant donations, with the BJP collecting Rs. 520 crore and the Congress Party securing Rs. 132 crore. – Political Donations

To be more precise, the YSRCP was able to raise 52 crores of rupees through electoral bonds and another 16 crores from donations made to the party through the prudent trust. On the other hand, neither electoral nor prudent trust bonds were used to fund the TDP. Rather, the party solicited donations from 193 people in public, including CEOs, software businesses, real estate investors, and TDP supporters. The TDP gave comprehensive details, including donor names, addresses, and total donations of Rs. 11.92 crores. The Janasena party recorded the lowest amount, with donations reaching Rs. 30 lakhs, while the Communist parties collected Rs. 2 crores. The Andhra Pradesh Congress Party did not disclose receiving any noteworthy donations.

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