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Pawan Kalyan’s Election Duties Still Undetermined?

By Nov 12, 2023
Pawan Kalyan's Election Duties Still Undetermined?Pawan Kalyan's Election Duties Still Undetermined?

Pawan Kalyan: With the election scheduled for November 30th drawing near, there are barely 15 days left for canvassing in Telangana state. Next, the Janasena, led by Pawan Kalyan, declared its intention to run for eight of the 119 MLA seats in the Telangana elections. Many are wondering if Powerstar will launch the election campaign now that the nomination deadline has passed.

In collaboration with the Bharatiya Janata Party, Pawan Kalyan previously attended a public meeting chaired by Narendra Modi in Telangana, where he declared that for development to occur, both the state and the nation must return to Modi rule. Following that meeting, PK is occupied with several party gatherings but hasn’t yet begun canvassing in the eight seats his party is running for. There are rumors that Pawan’s tour itinerary in Ts-state has not yet been finalized.

With only about 20 days remaining for promotion, Pawan Kalyan would be wise to expedite and broaden his strategy to have a significant influence on the Telangana elections. The political party that is working with the Telugu Desam Party in Andhra Pradesh will be playing on a whole new level if Janasena can make an impact in this, the biggest election debut in Telangana.

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