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Palvai Sravanthi, a Munugode Bypoll Candidate, Quits from Congress

By Nov 13, 2023
Palvai Sravanthi, a Munugode Bypoll Candidate, Quits from CongressPalvai Sravanthi, a Munugode Bypoll Candidate, Quits from Congress

Palvai Sravanthi: Palvai Govardhan Reddy’s daughter Palvai Sravanti, a former minister and Congress leader, left the party, causing the party to suffer yet another blow in Telangana.

She had been actively involved in the party for a few years, but she was shocked to learn that she would not be receiving a Congress ticket in the most recent assembly elections. It seemed that none of the important leaders gave Palvai Sravanti’s concerns much thought, despite the talks about their attempts to make amends with her.

She decided to openly discuss changing to a different political party as a response. But the Congress hierarchy didn’t seem to mind that she was leaving. She therefore formally announced her resignation from Congress and provided a two-page letter outlining her reasons for doing so. She described her father’s lengthy service to the party and her efforts on its behalf. Her father had been a committed member for a long time. Moreover, she denounced some people for what she believed to be deliberate attempts to discredit her in the past. – Palvai Sravanthi

Palvai Sravanti will soon become a member of the BRS party. She had previously run for Congress in the Munugodu assembly by-election that was held last year, but she was not successful. It is understood that Komati Reddy Rajagopal Reddy rejoins the Congress in light of these events, and this assembly seat has been reserved for him.

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