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Pakistan vs Iran: An Analysis of Their Military Strengths

Pakistan vs Iran: An Analysis of Their Military StrengthsPakistan vs Iran

Pakistan vs Iran: Pakistan and Iran have long accused each other of aiding extremist organizations along their shared border.

Pakistan and Iran are at odds again after the two countries targeted claimed militant hideouts in one other’s territories within 48 hours. According to Reuters, on Thursday, Pakistan targeted separatist Baloch terrorists in Iran’s Sistan-Baluchestan province, killing at least nine. This comes after Tehran announced on Tuesday that it has bombed the strongholds of another militant organization in Pakistani territory.

Pakistan vs Iran

The two neighbors have a history of accusing one other of harboring extremist groups operating from areas near their common border.

According to the most recent evaluation by the Global Firepower Index, Pakistan has the ninth-strongest military in the world. Iran is currently ranked 14th on the same index.

A Military Comparison of Iran and Pakistan

Pakistan‘s army, air force, and navy make up its powerful armed forces. Al-Khalid and Type 90-II are two of the several main battle tanks that the Pakistan Army is outfitted with, along with a variety of armored fighting vehicles. With over 650,000 active-duty members and 550,000 reserve members, the total number of people is close to 1,200,000. The Pakistan Air Force (PAF), which has over 700 aircraft, including renowned fighters such as the F-16 and JF-17 Thunder, is a tough opponent. The Pakistan Navy, which has over 30,000 active-duty soldiers, has a diversified naval force that includes frigates, submarines, and patrol vessels.

In the meantime, in terms of active troops, the Iranian Armed Forces are the biggest in the Middle East. Iran’s armed forces, which have a formidable military structure, have about 610,000 active-duty members. In addition, the country keeps a sizable reserve, consisting of 350,000 qualified individuals who are prepared for mobilization. With the Islamic Republic of Iran Army, Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF), and Islamic Republic of Iran Navy, Iran has a sizable armed force. With more over 300 aircraft, including older F-4 Phantoms and locally built Saeghehs, the IRIAF is a vital component of Iran’s defense. With about 20,000 people on active duty, the Iranian Navy is in charge of 67 different ships in its fleet, which includes submarines, frigates, and corvettes.

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