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The world’s tallest Ambedkar statue will be unveiled today in Andhra Pradesh. Five points

The world's tallest Ambedkar statue will be unveiled today in Andhra Pradesh. Five pointsThe world's tallest Ambedkar statue will be unveiled today in Andhra Pradesh. Five points

Ambedkar statue: The highest statue of Ambedkar outside of India was unveiled in Maryland, United States, last year.

Today in Vijayawada, the Andhra Pradesh government will unveil the tallest statue of BR Ambedkar, the man credited with creating the Indian Constitution. The “Statue of Social Justice,” which rises 206 feet above the earth, will rank among the world’s 50 tallest sculptures; the highest statue is Sardar Vallabhai Patel’s “Statue of Unity.” The neighboring state of Telangana is home to the second-tallest Ambedkar statue, at 175 feet tall.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy commented on X (previously Twitter): “The 206 feet Mahashilpam of Ambedkar erected by our government in Vijayawada is a symbol not only for the state but also for the country.” In the past year, Maryland, USA, witnessed the unveiling of the tallest Ambedkar statue outside India. Named the ‘Statue of Equality,’ this 19-foot tall monument was crafted by sculptor Ram Sutar, renowned for constructing Sardar Patel’s statue as well.

The “Statue of Justice”‘s features

  1. Standing at a height of 125 feet, the world’s tallest Ambedkar statue is elevated on an 81-foot pedestal.
  2. Spread on 18.81 acres of lush green parkland, the statue construction project cost ₹404.35 crore.
  3. From the procurement of raw materials to the intricate design process, the construction of the statue was executed as an entirely ‘Made in India’ initiative. Approximately 400 tonnes of steel were utilized in the creation of the ‘Statue of Justice.’
  4. The vicinity encompassing the statue, including the Swaraj Maidan where it stands, underwent redevelopment. Water features were incorporated into the landscape, including water bodies in the foreground, a three-sided peripheral water structure surrounding the pedestal, and the addition of a musical water fountain in the area.
  5. At the site, LED screens have been installed to showcase Ambedkar’s life, complemented by the construction of a convention center with a seating capacity of 2,000. Additionally, a food court spanning 8,000 square feet and a designated children’s play area were established.

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