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Miss USA pageant under scrutiny as two winners resign citing mental health and disrespect

Miss USA pageant under scrutiny as two winners resign citingMiss USA pageant under scrutiny as two winners resign citing

Miss USA pageant: The recent resignations of the current Miss USA and Miss Teen USA within a short span have brought significant scrutiny upon the parent organization of these pageants. This scrutiny has intensified given the reasons cited by the young women, including concerns about mental health and differences in values.

The resignations occurred shortly after an employee of the Miss USA organization, which has roots dating back to its founding in 1952 and was previously owned by Donald Trump, also resigned. This employee pointed to a toxic work environment and alleged mistreatment of the titleholders as reasons for their departure.

On May 3, Claudia Michelle, the social media director for Miss USA, announced her resignation via an Instagram post. In her statement, she revealed that she had worked without compensation for two months, lacked adequate support staff, and felt that the management had shown disrespect towards the titleholders.

Michelle stated that during her tenure, she closely collaborated with Miss USA Noelia Voigt, a 24-year-old Venezuelan American who was crowned in September. She observed a decline in Voigt’s mental health, an issue that Voigt herself mentioned when she resigned on Monday.

Regarding Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava, who is 17 years old, Michelle noted that she had personally witnessed instances of disrespect towards Uma and her family.

Michelle’s statement resoundingly condemned all forms of workplace toxicity and bullying without reservation. She criticized the unprofessional and inappropriate manner in which she felt management communicated with both Voigt and Srivastava.

On her personal Instagram account, representing Utah in the western region, Voigt announced her resignation. She stressed the importance of safeguarding both physical and mental well-being, emphasizing that our health is our greatest asset.

Reflecting on her tenure as Miss USA, Voigt described it as deeply significant. She underscored her charitable initiatives and celebrated the milestone of being the first Venezuelan American to clinch the title.

Furthermore, Voigt expressed her desire to motivate others. She encouraged steadfastness, urged individuals to prioritize mental health, advocate for themselves and others by vocalizing their concerns, and instilled confidence in facing the uncertainties of the future without fear.

Internet investigators have even pointed out what they perceive as a hidden message: the initial letters of each sentence in Voigt’s statement form the phrase “I AM SILENCED.”

Srivastava, a self-identified “first-generation, Mexican-Indian American” from New Jersey, announced on Wednesday her decision to relinquish her crown, citing a misalignment of her personal values with the direction of the organization.

In response, the Miss USA organization stated, “We respect and support Noelia’s choice to step down from her responsibilities. The well-being of our titleholders is of utmost importance.” Miss Teen USA issued a statement echoing similar sentiments regarding Srivastava.

Miss USA Controversy

According to various media reports, the Miss USA pageant has been embroiled in numerous scandals and controversies in recent years, with allegations surfacing that certain contestants were granted preferential treatment.

Although Crystle Stewart, the previous Miss USA winner, resigned as president of the organization, it was later discovered that the charges were unfounded.

Her spouse Max Sebrechts left the group under a storm of allegations of sexual harassment from former members, having served as vice president of the organization.

Voigt’s resignation marks the first instance of a Miss USA titleholder voluntarily stepping down from her position since the competition’s inception, aside from cases where the titleholder ascended to become Miss Universe, a related pageant.

Cheslie Kryst, who has crowned Miss USA in 2019, tragically passed away by suicide in early 2022.

In her posthumously published memoir, which was recently excerpted by People magazine, Kryst candidly discussed grappling with “long-standing insecurities” that resurfaced upon winning the title, compounded by experiencing online harassment.

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