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Chiranjeevi: I’m not in Congress – did not declare he would go to Pithapuram

Chiranjeevi: I'm not in Congress - did not declareChiranjeevi: I'm not in Congress - did not declare

Chiranjeevi mentioned that Pawan Kalyan wasn’t initially inclined to participate in the Pithapuram campaign, but eventually stepped out of his comfort zone. Responding to media speculation about his own campaign in Pithapuram, He clarified that it was a creation of the media. Following his reception of the Padma Vibhushan in Delhi, upon returning to Hyderabad, he addressed the media and answered questions regarding political matters. He expressed a desire to transcend politics and emphasized that he urged his acquaintances to vote. Additionally, he released a video encouraging support for leaders like Pawan.

During this period, some representatives questioned Chiranjeevi about his affiliation with the Congress party. In response, He clarified by gesturing that he was not associated with the Congress. Following the conclusion of his Rajya Sabha tenure, He refrained from entering active politics and declared his retirement from direct political engagement. Despite this, certain Congress leaders persist in claiming his allegiance to their party. Recently, Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena party donated Rs. 5 crores, which Chiranjeevi contributed to. Subsequently, certain Congress members announced their intention to raise this issue with their party’s high command.

Chintamohan from Tirupati consistently brings up Chiranjeevi, suggesting that if he were to rejoin the Congress and become active in politics, he could potentially secure the position of Chief Minister. However, He has consistently refrained from direct political involvement. Prior to the 2019 elections, all of Chiranjeevi’s supporters shifted their allegiance to the Janasena party. On that occasion, Pawan Kalyan also announced that Chiranjeevi would not be returning to active politics, a decision Chiranjeevi himself has adhered to. Despite receiving numerous offers from the BJP, He has maintained his stance of staying away from political engagements.

Rumors were circulating that the YSRCP had extended an offer of a Rajya Sabha seat to Chiranjeevi. However, Chiranjeevi has categorically denied such claims, reiterating his stance of abstaining from direct political involvement. Nevertheless, echoing a dialogue from one of his movies, Chiranjeevi remarked that despite his distance from active politics, the political sphere continues to revolve around him.

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