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Microsoft report: China may interfere with Indian votes using AI anchors and memes

Microsoft report: China may interfere with Indian votes using AIMicrosoft report: China may interfere with Indian votes using AI

Microsoft report: According to Microsoft research, state-sponsored cyber groups in China will try to target polls in South Korea, the US, and India with assistance from North Korea.

In short
  • The report warns China may use AI content to manipulate polls.
  • In late 2023, a cyber actor from China aimed its efforts at targeting India.
  • China conducted a disinformation campaign in Taiwan’s polls.

Microsoft has issued a warning that China might employ artificial intelligence-generated content to influence the Lok Sabha elections in India. This follows a trial run observed during the Taiwan presidential poll. Microsoft Threat Intelligence’s investigation indicates that cyber groups with Chinese governmental support. With assistance from North Korea, are also anticipated to target elections in the United States. They are also expected to target elections in South Korea.

The report stated that China intends to produce and magnify AI-generated content to serve its interests. Although the likelihood of such content significantly impacting election outcomes is currently low, China’s ongoing exploration of enhancing memes, videos, and audio persists and is expected to become more effective in the future.

Commencing on April 19, a seven-phase Lok Sabha election is scheduled to run until June 1, with the announcement of poll results slated for June 4.

In late 2023, a cyber actor from China aimed its efforts at targeting India

The report observed that in the early fall and winter of 2023, a Chinese cyber actor known as Flax Typhoon, known for its frequent attacks on the telecommunications sector, targeted India, Hong Kong, the United States, and the Philippines.

In February, a hacker group with ties to the Chinese state asserted that it had aimed its attacks at significant offices within the Indian government. Including the “PMO” (presumably referring to the Prime Minister’s Office) and the Home Ministry. Along with businesses such as Reliance and Air India.

According to an investigation conducted by The Washington Post, the hackers are also infiltrating 95.2 gigabytes of immigration data from the Indian government, with the leaked files being posted on GitHub.

According to the Microsoft report, Storm-1376, a Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-linked actor, uploaded videos featuring an AI-generated anchor speaking in both Mandarin and English. Accusing the United States and India. Of instigating unrest in Myanmar.

Since a military coup in February 2021, Myanmar has been embroiled in a civil war. The coup sparked extensive protests in 2021, which reportedly faced severe suppression. Additionally, numerous political figures, including Aung San Suu Kyi, were detained.

In the previous month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates to discuss the utilization of artificial intelligence and the challenge posed by deepfake content produced by various AI tools.

In a vast nation such as India, the potential for misinformation through deepfake technology always exists. Imagine if someone circulates a malicious piece about me. Initially, people might believe it, expressed PM Modi.


According to its report, Microsoft stated that China had previously tried a disinformation campaign during the Taiwan presidential election in January, employing AI-generated content. Additionally, Microsoft noted a rise in the utilization of AI-generated TV news anchors.

The report provided an example. Stating that a fabricated video was uploaded to YouTube, depicting election candidate Terry Gou. Who had withdrawn from the polls? Endorsing another candidate.

According to the Microsoft report, with the United States also heading to the polls later this year. Chinese groups are utilizing social media platforms to pose divisive questions to voters and collect intelligence on crucial voting demographics.

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The report underscored that North Korea has intensified its cryptocurrency thefts and supply chain attacks to finance its military objectives. Additionally. The report cautioned that North Korea has initiated the use of AI to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of its operations.

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