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Lok Sabha polls start April 19, and span 7 phases; June 4 resultsLok Sabha polls start April 19, and span 7 phases; June 4 results

Lok Sabha polls: The world’s greatest democratic exercise, the general election for 543 Lok Sabha seats in 2024, will take place in seven phases, starting on April 19 and lasting until June 1. Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar made this announcement today. On June 4, the election results will be made public.

There will be simultaneous elections in four states (Sikkim, Odisha, Arunachal Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh) for the Lok Sabha and assemblies. Notably absent from the list is Jammu & Kashmir, which has been governed by the President since 2018.

By-elections will be held for 26 assembly seats in various states, including Bihar, Gujarat, Haryana, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Tamil Nadu.

Mr. Kumar, in announcing the dates, gave a strong message about the spread of fake news on social media, saying political parties should ensure responsible social media behavior — “verify before you amplify”.

“By current legislation, fake news will be dealt with harshly. Nodal officers in each state are authorized to remove illegal content under Section 79(3)(B) of the IT Act, he said.

Another significant point emphasized the breach of the model code regarding hate speeches. “The campaign should focus on issues, avoiding hate speech, caste or religious rhetoric, and personal life criticism,” he stated.

He argued that political advertisements cannot pass for news and that the media needs to make it clear when they run them. He said that the candidates would receive individual messages about this.

He stated that the commission has enlisted 2,100 advisors to monitor these matters closely, and decisive action will be taken in response.

Mr. Kumar mentioned that voters aged 85 and above, as well as individuals with disabilities having a 40 percent disability, are eligible to vote from their homes. He stated that approximately 82 lakh voters fall into the category of being 85 years or older. – Lok Sabha polls

Only the Chief Election Commissioner remains on the three-member Commission following the resignation of Election Commissioner Arun Goel, which occurred a few days prior to the election announcement.

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Sukhbir Singh Sandhu and Gyanesh Kumar, two retired Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officers, were named Election Commissioners on Thursday by a committee led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The next day, they swore oaths.

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