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AP Politics: Caste Pulse What’s Going On In The AP?

AP Politics: Caste Pulse What's Going On In The AP?AP Politics: Caste Pulse What's Going On In The AP?

AP Politics: Undoubtedly, social engineering is poised to wield significant influence on the electoral landscape in the forthcoming AP elections. Concurrently, major political factions have meticulously crafted their social engineering strategies, along with caste-based ticket allocations, aimed at appealing to diverse voter demographics. Presently, the discourse revolves around the 29 constituencies reserved for Scheduled Castes, which hold promise in offering insights into the polling trends anticipated in Andhra Pradesh.

As per the most recent survey conducted by People’s Pulse, there has been a significant surge in support for the TDP+ alliance within these 29 SC constituencies, which have traditionally constituted the core vote bank of the YCP.

According to People’s Pulse, the anticipated polling pattern across these 29 constituencies indicates that the TDP+ alliance stands to benefit significantly.

An astonishing 73% of Kapu voters in the 29 SC reserved constituencies are throwing their support behind the TDP-Janasena-BJP coalition, while only 25% are aligning with the YSR Congress. If this trend extends throughout Andhra Pradesh, then the TDP alliance appears to have sealed the game.

YCP’s longstanding Reddy voters are staying loyal to their party, with 75% of them remaining steadfastly with Jagan’s faction, while the alliance garners 24%. Kamma voters, on the other hand, are distinctly backing the TDP, with 89% of them leaning towards the party, leaving only 10% in support of the YCP. – AP Politics

When it comes to the crucial BC voters, who wield significant influence not only in the 29 reserved constituencies but throughout Andhra Pradesh, an impressive 60% are siding with the TDP+ alliance, while 35% are aligned with the YCP.

There’s also a division among Madiga voters, with 54% throwing their support behind the alliance, while 40% are siding with the YCP. Furthermore, 68% of Vysyas are aligned with the TDP, leaving only 25% in support of the YCP.

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These projected polling trends in the 29 reserved constituencies in AP suggest that the alliance is poised to sweep the majority of them, marking a significant development.

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