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Lokesh Makes Huge Promise To Jagan’s Sister

Lokesh Makes Huge Promise To Jagan's SisterLokesh Makes Huge Promise To Jagan's Sister

Lokesh: Last week, YS Sunitha convened a press conference in Delhi to elucidate the sequence of events following the tragic murder of her father, YS Vivekananda Reddy. With a composed yet resolute demeanor, she detailed how her appeals to Jagan for a CBI investigation fell on deaf ears. She lamented the apparent lack of support from her brother, Jagan, who seemed more inclined towards shielding the perpetrators rather than seeking justice for their father’s untimely demise. Sunitha’s heartfelt plea underscored the profound disappointment and frustration felt by the family in their pursuit of truth and accountability.

Addressing the Vivekananda Reddy murder case during the Shankaravam meeting in Anantapur today, Nara Lokesh has made a significant pledge to Sunitha.

“This is what I swear to you, Sunithamma.” We will identify the killers and those responsible for the murder of your father, Vivekananda Reddy Garu, and we will take legal action against them once the Telugu Desam and Janasena government takes office in another two months. Just two more months to wait and justice will be served.

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Lokesh stated that individuals implicated in the murder would be imprisoned promptly after the government was formed, and he assured Sunitha that justice would be served. He addressed the difficult issue of Vivekananda Reddy’s murder in public and made a big promise to Sunitha.




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