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Revanth Reddy has given a strong warning?

Revanth Reddy has given a strong warning?Revanth Reddy has given a strong warning?

Revanth Reddy: In the past three months, KTR has repeatedly voiced his concerns regarding Revanth Reddy’s potential defection from Congress to the BJP, likening it to Eknath Shinde’s move. With unwavering emphasis, KTR has asserted that under Revanth’s leadership, the Congress in Telangana stands on shaky ground, vulnerable to collapse. He forewarns of an imminent destabilization of the Congress government in the state, citing Revanth’s purported influence as a catalyst for this impending crisis. KTR’s statements underscore the perceived fragility of the political landscape, painting a picture of uncertainty and volatility in Telangana’s political sphere.

Responding in his characteristic assertive manner, Revanth Reddy has reacted to KTR’s persistent criticism with his trademark aggression.

Touch and see what happens, Revanth Reddy responded at his most recent public appearance. “Do you believe we rose to power by chance? Even the slightest thought of subverting our government will result in terrible reprisal from the ‘Palamuru’ people. If you do any dishonest measures to disrupt my administration, I will tear you apart,” Revanth Reddy declared with vehemence.

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Revanth’s frustration over the relentless verbal assaults aimed at destabilizing his government is palpable, evident in his outburst directed at the adversaries of the Congress on a public platform.

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