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Rajnath Singh “Karara Jawab” Warning Regarding China’s Border Issue

Rajnath Singh "Karara Jawab" Warning Regarding China's Border IssueRajnath Singh "Karara Jawab" Warning Regarding China's Border Issue

Rajnath Singh: During the inaugural Defence Summit hosted by NDTV, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh emphasized India’s unwavering preparedness for any potential conflicts along its borders. Asserting the nation’s stance, he stated, “We must remain vigilant and prepared for war, even during periods of peace. Our readiness is paramount.” Singh’s remarks underscored the gravity of the situation, highlighting the need for constant readiness and vigilance to safeguard national security interests.

Whether an attack comes from the air, the land, or the sea, our forces will meet it with force. We have never occupied anyone’s territory, but we are prepared to defend ourselves if someone assaults us.”

Mr Singh’s statements have been interpreted as a not-so-veiled reference to ongoing tensions with China in Kashmir, Ladakh, and the northeast. Indian and Chinese troops have been in a military standoff for nearly four years, following clashes at friction sites in eastern Ladakh.

Since then, there have been numerous rounds of high-level negotiations between the two armed forces and diplomatic services, which have resulted in the withdrawal from various fronts. That tension, though, is still present.

Speaking at a think-tank event in Delhi last week, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar urged Beijing to uphold border control agreements to maintain international harmony.

Rajnath Singh’s assertive comments resembled those made in January, when he stated that the world had watched India’s rise as a “key global economic and strategic power”. Mr Singh admitted that the India-China relationship is “currently under strain,” but emphasized that Delhi wants good relations with everyone.

The Minister of Defence then declared, “We are no longer a weak country,” citing “the courage shown by our soldiers during the stand-off with Chinese troops in Galwan (in eastern Ladakh)”.

Rajnath Singh had emphasized that India would no longer tolerate any provocations or threats. His statement conveyed a strong message that India stands firm and resolute, unwilling to allow anyone to intimidate or challenge its sovereignty unchecked.

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Meanwhile, Mr. Singh discussed the government’s emphasis on a “self-reliant India,” or “Atmanirbhar Bharat,” when discussing the defense sector at the NDTV Defence Summit.

“In 2014, when the government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi assumed office, we accorded top priority to the defense sector. We embraced the concept of ‘Atmanirbharta’, or self-reliance, and actively promoted it. Numerous Make-in-India initiatives were launched, with a dedicated emphasis on modernizing our military capabilities,” he elaborated.

“I’m not arguing that prior administrations didn’t prioritize the defense industry. However, we introduced ‘atmanirbharta’ to the defense industry,” he said.

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