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Jagan Video Shown in Telangana Assembly

Jagan Video Shown in Telangana AssemblyJagan Video Shown in Telangana Assembly

Jagan: The Telangana assembly sessions are ablaze with intense verbal sparring between the ruling and opposition parties, sparked by the Congress government’s uproar over alleged discrepancies in the former BRS government. Amidst this fiery atmosphere, yesterday’s session took a dramatic turn as Jagan’s video was prominently featured in the assembly, stealing the spotlight.

During the Telangana assembly session, Uttam Kumar Reddy, the irrigation minister, made a bold move by playing an archival video featuring AP CM YS Jagan speaking in the AP assembly. In the footage, Jagan acknowledges KCR’s assistance in releasing water for AP’s irrigation projects. This strategic use of the video by the Congress aimed to spotlight KCR’s actions and bolster their argument that the former Telangana CM prioritized his friendship with Jagan over the interests of Telangana, thus facilitating the diversion of Telangana’s waters to AP. Continuing his argument, Uttam emphasized how Jagan’s visit to KCR’s residence in Hyderabad resulted in the unrestricted transfer of Telangana’s water resources to Andhra Pradesh, with Jagan seemingly departing with the state’s water grants in tow.

The unexpected playback of the video featuring the Andhra Pradesh CM in the Telangana assembly caught many off guard. However, it was all part of the Congress’s concerted effort to highlight KCR’s alleged irregularities. This motive drove them to showcase Jagan’s video, aiming to amplify their case against KCR.

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