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Israel-Hamas war: Israel claims that about 150 “underground targets” were struck in Gaza.

By Oct 28, 2023
Israel-Hamas war: Israel claims that about 150 "underground targets" were struck in Gaza.Israel-Hamas war: Israel claims that about 150 "underground targets" were struck in Gaza.

Israel-Hamas war: Several organizations, including the WHO, have stated that they have lost contact with their people in Gaza.

The Israeli Defense Forces increased their bombardment of the Gaza Strip on Friday night. Tel Aviv also shut down the internet and communications in the besieged enclave, preventing nearly 2.3 million people from communicating with one another or with the outside world.

Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, Israel’s chief military spokesperson, admitted that Tel Aviv has increased its attacks in Gaza “to achieve the war’s objectives,” raising hopes that the long-awaited ground invasion will begin.

Several organizations, including the World Health Organization, have stated that they have lost contact with their people in Gaza as well as all of their teams operating on the ground in Gaza.

On Saturday, the war between Israel and Palestine’s Hamas militant group entered its 22nd day. On both sides, over 8,500 people have died. – Israel-Hamas war

According to the Hamas-led Health Ministry, at least 7,300 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli Defense Forces retaliatory airstrikes in Gaza since October 7.

On October 7, Hamas launched an attack on Israeli towns from the Gaza border, killing over 1,400 people, the majority of whom were civilians. In addition, at least 222 people, including foreigners, are thought to have been captured and taken into Gaza by Hamas during the incursion. Since then, four have been released.

Here’s what’s happened in Israel’s war with Hamas:

In the midst of Israel’s intensified ground raids and bombardment on Friday night, Hamas declared that it was prepared to meet its attacks with “full force.”

Paltel, the main telecom operator in Gaza, said that the enclave is “currently blacked out,” meaning that Palestinians are cut off from the outside world after Israel cut off their civilians’ access to the internet and phone service.

120 countries voted in favor of a resolution proposed by Arab states in the UN General Assembly that called for an instant humanitarian ceasefire and the entry of aid into Gaza. Forty-five other nations abstained, and fourteen countries opposed it.

Israel has accused Hamas of using Gaza hospitals for military purposes. It has also been claimed that the militant group used fuel stored in these hospitals to conduct operations against Israel. The allegations were immediately denied by Hamas.

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