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“India-Sri Lanka Ties Enter A New Chapter”: PM Modi Introduces Ferry Services

By Oct 14, 2023

Speaking during the introduction of the ferry service between Nagapattinam, India, and Kankesanthurai, Sri Lanka, Prime Minister Modi noted that the ferry service embodies all of the historical and cultural ties.

New Delhi Launching a ferry service between the two countries is a “important milestone” in boosting ties, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared on Saturday that India and Sri Lanka are starting a new chapter in their diplomatic and economic relations.
Through a video message, Modi addressed the launch of the ferry service between Nagapattinam, India, and Kankesanthurai, Sri Lanka, saying that the ferry service brings alive all historical and cultural connections.

Reliability is more than just bringing two cities together. Additionally, it strengthens the bonds that bind our people, nations, and hearts together,” he remarked.

In addition to citing the opening of a ferry service between Nagapattinam and Kankesanthurai as a “significant milestone” in fortifying ties, the prime minister stated that India and Sri Lanka are starting a “new chapter in diplomatic and economic relations.”

In highlighting the shared history of culture, trade, and civilization between India and Sri Lanka, the prime minister mentioned that ancient Tamil literature mentions the historical port of Poompuhar as a hub, and Nagapattinam and surrounding towns have a long history of maritime trade with many nations, including Sri Lanka.

“Our vision for connectivity goes beyond the transport sector,” Modi stated, highlighting the tight collaboration between India and Sri Lanka in several domains, including energy and fintech.

Modi stated that both governments are attempting to improve fintech industry connectivity by connecting UPI and Lanka Pay, pointing out that digital payments have become a major movement and way of life in India because of UPI.

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