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Overzealous fans–Should re-releases be prohibited?

By Aug 19, 2023
Overzealous fans--Should re-releases be prohibited?Overzealous fans--Should re-releases be prohibited?
Overzealous fans–Should re-releases be prohibited?

If you look closely, you will notice that in the last six months or so, Telugu film has seen a big desire for re-releases. Cult films of star heroes are being re-released in select Telugu theaters for a few days.

Fans are flocking in large numbers, ensuring that these films remain popular even after re-release. The visuals that come out of the theaters show fans jumping in excitement and making the theater a fun place to be.

However, some people go crazy and tear the screen off in excitement. When a couple films are delayed in their re-release, fans go beyond and cause a scene in the theater.

The same thing happened today when tore the screen of a popular movie theater during a re-release screening. Photos of destroyed property have gone viral on social media.

According to industry experts, either the security should be increased or the re-release should be prohibited because it is causing a loss for the theater owners. Dancing in joy is wonderful, but fans’ over-excitement should be controlled; else, re-releases will be outlawed.

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